Social Security Benefits Not Expected to Increase in 2010 or 2011

For the first time in more than three decades, recipients of Social Security benefits (including Social Security Disability benefits) will not get any increase in their benefits next year, federal forecasts show.

The absence of a cost-of-living adjustment, calculated under a formula set by law, will be a shock to older Americans and the disabled already hit by plummeting home values, investment losses and rising health costs.  More than 50 million people receive some form of Social Security benefits.

Social Security Recipients have received automatic cost-of-living adjustments every year since 1975. The increase this year was 5.8 percent.

The forecasts, by the Obama administration and Congress, indicate that Social Security beneficiaries will not receive any cost-of-living increase in 2010 or in 2011.  The COLA is intended to preserve the purchasing power of Social Security, by increasing benefits to keep pace with consumer prices. In the last year, overall inflation has been low, largely because of the economic downturn and a decline in energy prices.

The Congressional Budget Office, predicted that inflation would remain low for several years, so Social Security might not pay a cost-of-living increase until January 2013. President Obama’s budget assumes no increase in 2010 or 2011, then a 1.4 percent COLA in 2012.

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  1. Thanks Obama! Im sure your not struggling to pay your bills or feed your family. How do you lay your head down and rest a night? Shame on you!!


  3. It’s simple, losses from foreclosures are part of the CPI and healthcare premiums are not. Benefits the folks who are doing OK and hurts those who are not.

  4. Hi, I agree with most of the bloggers; it is awful that there is no cost of living increase projected this year, nor next year for seniors and the disabled. Those who voted the Repubs in office are the blame for this. This party plans to dismantle the education system as well as social security and medicare. We must start communicating with our elected officials. We must tell them to protect our educational system, social security and medicare programs viable. Write, telephone, e-mail them NOW!

  5. i cannot believe people such as myself and my son will not get anything . how bad off do you have to be before OBAMA passes a bill for ss recipents how about all the raises the congress and senators including the president, let’s trade places see how the rich survive in our shoes, they couldn”t when wii OBAma be taking another vacation? anytime something goes wrong the president heads out of town and how much will it cost the taxpayers? us folks on disability, ssi, and the elderly want something from to survive, after it would to see a elderly person living on the side of a highway under a bridge,

  6. my first comment did not come out to well but i know one thing for sure if OBAMA does not help the elderly and the people on social security and etc, OBAMA will not be reelected in 2012, how would anyone who works in the federal government like to live on $12.000 a yr. my ex lives on $12.000 a yr. my son and i live on less then $20.000 we cannot afford another 4 yrs. of OBAMA or his CRONIES, we”ll be dead from starvation.

  7. I receive ssi/ssa benefits and barely can pay my bills. I receive foodstamps of only $200. per month so that in two weeks I am out of food. If we did not dumpster dive we would not survive. All of my furniture came out of a dumpster or alley, luckily I live near a university so you can find cool stuff. I wonder if the people making these decisions were to spend a week with us living like this their minds would change about exactly what amount the benefits for an individual should be? The minimum paycheck for anyone should be $1,500. a month. The government has taxed roughly 30% of every paycheck I ever received in my lifetime. I am a three time cancer survivor. I have worked my entire life. I and every citizen deserve better than this. Why do we pay pencil pushers six figures a year to tell us what we can do with our own money? When will people become enlightened to the fact that the only way to take care of the people of this country we have to fire the government that has dwindled it to financial ruin? Wasn’t every dime we made enough? Why is it so hard to get it now that we need it? It is, after all…OURS. So we have a choice. Yes we can “withdraw our applications” and receive benefits at a later date. What does that do for the disabled? I cannot afford to live in a decent apartment. All rental agencies require that your income be three times the amount of your rent. That means that at just under $700. a month I cannot qualify for a $300. a month studio apartment with rats and roaches. Most apartments even one bedroom ones are around $500. a month. that means to get a one bedroom apartment that is safe a single person should receive a sum of $1,500. per month. People have to pay utility bills, which are expensive. They have appointments to keep to retain benefits, and to maintain health, vehicles cost maintenance and insurance and gas. And everyone should have an amount for personal care and clothing. Until this is provided we are not even scabbing a wound. They should change the name. Nobody on social security is socially secure.

  8. Perhaps we should have a big nation wide march, or at least a big peaceful protest down 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We that are disabled can be pushed in our wheel chairs. I’m very serious, the illegal immigrants did it just a few years ago, why shouldn’t we? It’s good to contact representatives, etc, but we need to start making ourselves vocal publicly and be much more visible. No violence, but we need to take some real visible action here. Most of us were the young people of the 60’s and 70’s. We stood up for what we believed was right back then and we need to do it again.

  9. Yes I’m on SS disablity and they stated that I would not get a raise again this year :( I haven’t received one in 3 yrs. They say the cost of living has not gone up!! Foophy!!! Milk, bread, tp anything you buy has gone up atleast 50 cents to a dollar, and continues to go up!!!! even my electric and water. phone bill $2 a month !! They determine the cost of living by the price of fuel, Really??? What about all the things and food we need to survivor on?? and untilities??? But they can spend so much on other countries and forget us!!!

  10. now that the cost of living is going out of site are we going to get our social security raise and is congress going to give back thier raise they shouldnt have got

  11. As a disabled, that worked all my life, whether for family or outside the home, and been in an accident that I had a bad attorney for, have raised kids that pays over a million in taxes, for having 5 generations of family that where wealthy enough to put in billions to trillions into the system, and now I get to live where I have to choose as to whether I get my water shut off or pay for the meds that keep me alive, or freeze and also listen to a bunch of cold hearted people complain because they might see me out one day a week on a good day for me to be able to get food that has doubled in price in the last 6 months and have them belittle me because that one day I walked ok and talked ok, and than find out that the pres that I voted for, was a lie and is trying to kill me by denying me what was our right for my whole life that I have paid into to be there for me.. for everyone.. Just in case they get hit by a cement truck too. you have to be an idiot to WANT to live below poverty, there is never any peace knowing you can’t meet your bills and knowing you can’t get your teeth fixed that hurt and maybe next month you will have to lie down and die because you can’t Afford meds. All I have to say, is I have a creator that I will have to answer to, but the best part is that Obama, and the senate and congress, have to stand before the same creator, whether they believe it or not. So elderly, disabled, homeless, get your life in order, set your heart right, we may not make it next year with out some major interventions, but we still have One bigger and badder than the usa government, that will plead our case for eternity. And that is where I find my comfort, because there is none on earth.

  12. I can’t wait to vote this guy out of office. He has money for everyone and everything but the old and disable. Even George Bush took care of the people on Social Security.

  13. FED UP AS AN AMERICAN // April 18, 2011 at 12:28 pm //

    Its the democrats and republicans who are of the attitude let them eat cake – i mean starve. His name could be McCain for all I care same ideas same disgusting treatment towards the american citizens in the United States. I mean we are the United Nations now just look around. Why are giving any type of foreign aid, tax shelters for oil companies, corporate welfare, all of the above plus special pig projects while we owe and continue to starve. I’m on SSDI and I have to add my husband income to mine so while others dont have to pay taxes on their SSDI I do. Our housing costs is over my check when you add food, gas, utilities, there’s nothing left. While others go on vacations dont worry about food, and dont forget they have made no concessions to pay for their own medical care. Shame on these so called representatives who do nothing for us. May they burn in hell.

  14. I think it’s heart breaking, the cost of living may not go up in SSI checks or other forms of payment. But the cost of food went up, gas went up. I live in what’s known as public housing, and that’s gone up also. I live and survive on bare mini here and raise three children. I can’t do it. I don’t or can’t apply for welfare assistant i make too much, but certainly wouldn’t seem that way Many of us are struggling. and why should we have too the government needs to start taking care of the people here. Or no one is going to want to be in this great state. I certainly don’t want too. and i didn’t vote Obama in office, bet your ass i will vote him out.

  15. I am voteing for someone new in the election this year

  16. I am voteing for someone new in the election this year

  17. I am disabled also, my husband left me in the street with my 3 children. I only recieve 675.00 in disability. Now, we are homeless, struggling no car, no home and barely enough food. And now I find out no raise till 2013 ( maybe?) I find it funny that social security doesnt try to understand this and help us keep our benefits and let us try to find work but still remain on our benefits. I have fybromyalgia and there are days I feel a little good and could put in some light duty. But there are days I cant even move much less stand the sheets to touch my skin. And for those times is when I need my benefits. The government doesnt care about its people. Its funny how most Americans dont realize the humanity that the Middle Eastern countries actually have for there people. There laws on stealing, and Adultry are rough but if you believe in the 10 commandments why should it bother you. I lived there after the war in Kuwait. The Royal family GIVES there people a home fully furnished, a car, food is so inexpensive its outrages, free medical, gas of course is very cheap. And jobs so they can have money. If you are an american living there your imployer gives you tickets to fly back and forth from Kuwait to US to visit your family twice a year. Best of all you have no taxes. Plus you get an extra allowance for the amount of children you have. This is how America should be. I thought this is what America stood for, I always thought I our President cared about our people until I lived in another country. Thats when I realized what we were in need of. A government that loved its people. And for the war we have no business there. thats the reason we are targeted by terrorists. We shouldnt be supplying Israel with weopans let those people fight there own wars. I saw a young man at the mall yesterday in his 20s missing limbs and disfigured. This government doesnt pay them enough disability to compensate for their limbs and life. I ask you people What is the government doing for us? I dont know but Im tired of crying and begging for food..and a place for my kids to sleep… People, look at me , I use to travel abroad and have a life, because of a doctors mistake I have lost my right eye, and suffer from chronic pain…now, I am a pest in the governments eyes. And to everyone else around me. Needless to say even to my own family. My children and I are unwanted, like spilled milk. My only friend is God, and Im still waiting to here from him. May God bless all of you who are suffering and remember to rely upon God himself. Dina

  18. i am on ssi.. i finally got to be my own payee and be on my own. i was doing good until the cost of everything went up more and now i am always short on bills, and only get 40 dollars in foodstamps. i get 679 a month and my rent is 490 and electric is usually about 150 dollars. my medical doesnt pay for everything i need so i have to pay for some myself which means if they dont do a pay increase i will have to mnove back in with my mom. i worked so hard to prove i could take care of myself and now it feels like the goverment wont let me.

  19. Nancy Makowski // June 11, 2011 at 11:10 am //

    Well HELLO??? Do you people relize that it is the Republican party who is responsible for wanting to reduce our Soc Sec benefits, and yes,even take it away from us including Medicare? It’s all they can talk about. You all, if you are intelligent, better vote for Obama next time or kiss your ‘you know what’ goodbye.

  20. Does Barack Obama know how many people on social security eat cat food and go with out medication so they can pay rent?

  21. How come illegals get food stamps and other benefits from the goverment but the citizens dont get raises in their SSI. Where is the fairness in that

  22. What a mess us seniors are in, never thought I would see this in America, I worked most of my life and now I am disabled and we havent had a raise in several years we all paid in to this and now nothing is their for us, the goverment needs to pay us back for dipping into social security and they never have paid them back. what the hell…..I hope someone would read all of these peoples emails, bet they havent..Yes, I think that are congress men and women and senators should have to live off of what we get. They say COLA doesnt think are food,gas, all householdbills, insurance, medicare can pay all our bills, oh…presciptions…my s/s ck hardley covers it all…yes, they need to live like we do..and yes they did get a raise last year in congress and senate…oh well, we as seniors dont count anymore just throw us out and eveyone of them some day will be like us oh but I forgot they have money saved , unlike us we dont make what they make…..that is for sure. What a joke are goverment is at this point………………………Barbara

  23. me and my husband are on ssdi they just closed the ssi because we got married and were on houseing and we are paying 600 when the rent is 760. and now they just cut us back 200 and now we get 1253. for the 2 of us were not going to make it because of this and its wrong i am 25 and been working since i was 9 years old i am so sick and tired of only 100. a month to live on the bills are to much noone can live on this amount not when it comes to 2 people and how can they raise a kid they should give it to the people that get paid thousands a month and what stinks is that i cant pay all the bills and pay to get my car fixed and yet they think its ok were even talking about going out west when we dont want to leave were we been for the past 5 years the goverment sucks all i can say is thanks for nothing and their is no help from the money pigs at the goverment

  24. I am disabled and struggle to meet my financial obligations wth the small check I receive from SS monthly. It is frustrating and sad for folks in my situation. I never imagined my America would end up in this dire of a situation economically. Obama should be ashamed for taking our country into the downfall we see happening before our eyes.
    No pay raise for a 3rd year is beyond the pale! As long as he
    (BO) is in office we will continue to fall behind in the world.
    VOTE in November, 2012!!!! America can regain it’s rightful place in this world, GOD willing!!

  25. we can take care of other countrys but they cant take care of us what has happen here send millions over seas let people in white house have privit planes never use their miney byt make us pay we need to go where our money is going


  27. prices going up on everything and people like me are barly getting by i cant get a job because my disablility and this is what i live on a roof ,food takes about all my money now.

  28. Charles Nicolopoulos // October 17, 2011 at 8:05 pm //

    The key word here is “overall”. Senior citizens on Social Security find nothing ever decreases in price that they need.
    Overall, the cost of living has little or nothing to do with an elderly person on SS.
    My rent has NEVER went down one penny. My insurance has NEVER went down one penny. My phone bill has NEVER gone down, unless I cut some of the services.
    They all keep going UP. Never did they go down.
    What is included in this “OVERALL”?
    The tricky thing is that the COLA thing is based on the AVERAGE price of things. Right or wrong the cost of living NEVER decreases for retired folks, because they are not buying what average person buys.
    Maybe the old folks should not get a raise in their SS checks, but at least be HONEST about it. The cost lost living NEVER goes for retired senior citizens, unless they die.

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