Virginia Social Security Disability & Special Needs Attorney

Sheri R. Abrams, Attorney At Law

Sheri has worked for over twenty-four years in the areas of Social Security Disability Law, Special Needs Planning, Elder Law & Estate Planning. Sheri’s niche-within-a-niche is Social Security Disability Law and the special needs area of estate planning (Special Needs Trusts & Guardianship), which require additional care and experience, to properly understand and meet the needs of the community involved. She is committed to her clients and their families and works to make sure that all of their needs are met and their rights are protected.

When clients meet with Sheri, they generally present problems beyond the need for a will or a power of attorney. As a Special Needs Planning Attorney, Sheri is familiar with the multifaceted aspect of this complex area of the law, as well as a network of services and providers who can assist her clients effectively.

Sheri has assisted hundreds of clients with their Social Security Disability appeals and special needs issues. She assists clients with guardianship cases in situations where an adult is not able to make decisions for themselves. Sheri also establishes Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney. Sheri has a solid record of professionalism, ethics and compassion for her clients. Sheri has spent her career working tirelessly on behalf of those in Northern Virginia who have not received their promised benefits or who have a special needs family member.

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  • Rich N.

       Sheri Abrams did an excellent job in preparing our Last Will and Testament along with the (5) other associated documents and directives. My wife and I were very pleased with her legal advise and personal recommendations for additions actions we may want to take to reduce the tasks our children will be expected to carry out at our deaths. Thank you Sheri and Ashley. God bless you both.  - 12/05/2018

  • JR Walker

       Ms. Abrams provided much-needed and well-organized advice concerning long-standing concerns within my family. She received a list of questions and concerns ahead of time and answered them knowledgeably and thoroughly. She was also well-prepared to answer additional questions raised during our conversation. She clearly has much knowledge and experience with all aspects of Social Security law and can speak from a frequent and diverse practice before these specialized tribunals. She set our minds at ease and gave us the necessary guidance for our next steps, in much detail. She has great communication and presentation skills, and I hope they can be utilized for further client education or even teaching purposes.

    It was a pleasure meeting her, and I look forward to recommending her practice to folks in her area. Thank you, Ms. Abrams, for your service to many clients in great need of help! Your care for them is obvious.  - 12/02/2018

  • A M.

       My Social Security Disability case had gone through the appeal process and had been denied. Now it was time to go before the judge. As always, everyone said, "No worries, you have a great case; you don't need a lawyer." Yeah right. My health issues were getting worse and the added stress was not helping. A friend of mine recommended talking to Sheri R. Abrams. Check her out you have nothing to lose. Best thing I ever did. She put me at ease. Took over my case and supported me right through the hearing. Guess what? We won!!! Thanks again Sheri and staff for all your support.  - 3/10/2018

  • Carol Feathers

       Excellent attorney. I highly recommend her.  - 12/15/2018

  • Greg Josephs

       If you have applied or are going to apply to Social Security for Disability benefits, Ms. Abrams is definitely the way to go. True it took me 3 years but she explained the steps and made sure success was assured with an incredibly complex bureaucracy.  - 9/13/2016