Beware New Social Security Scam & How To Avoid It

According to the Detroit Free Press, seniors in several states have received a notice about a “referendum on Social Security” in their mailbox from an organization called the American Service Council. The letter includes a voting form and requests a donation of $16.45 or more to fight “Washington Insiders” who say that seniors do not need Social Security and already have enough money for retirement without it.

The letter includes language encouraging seniors to speak out about the issue and says that the person the letter is addressed to has been selected out of only a few representatives for their county, and thus, their participation is extremely important.

A letter sent to a particular resident states, “Your $16.45 will help me send 36 additional Referendums on Social Security to citizens across America who feel the same way as you and me.”

A similar scam surfaced in North Carolina last year, with the North Carolina Department of Justice warning seniors about another referendum and asking seniors to send in $22 to protect Social Security.

Though $16.45 or $22 might not seem like a lot, it can add up, and the letter also invites people to donate by sending a card back with their credit card number.

This solicitation is playing off the fears of older adults who depend on their Social Security income every month. So if you see one of these letters in the mail, destroy it!

Posted by Sheri R. Abrams, Fairfax Virginia Disability Attorney.

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