Is a Bus Driver Required to Announce Stops Along a Bus Route for People with Disabilities?

On fixed route systems, drivers must announce stops. These stops include transfer points with other fixed routes. This means that any time a vehicle is to stop where a passenger can get off and transfer to another bus or rail line, the stop would be announced. The announcement can be personally by the driver or can be made by a recording system.

Announcements must also be made at major intersections or destination points. The driver must also make announcements at sufficient intervals along a route to orient a rider with vision loss to his or her location. The other required announcements may serve this function in many instances, but if there is a long distance between announcements, fill-in orientation announcements would be called for. The driver must also announce any stop requested by a passenger with a disability, even if it does not meet any of the other criteria for announcement.

Posted by Sheri Abrams, Attorney at Law,

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