Changes Coming to Social Security Online Access

Beginning June 10, 2017, the Social Security Administration will use a second method to check the identification of “My Social Security” account holders when they register or sign in for social sescurity online access.

After June 10, you have to have either text messaging or email verification in order to access your Social Security account info. The Social Security Administration (SSA) hopes that this will improve the security of online Social Security accounts.

In August of 2016, the SSA tried to improve the security for online accounts by requiring a two-step login process; a password and a security code. The password was created by the user but the security code was texted to the user’s cell phone by the SSA when he or she attempted to log in to their account.  This required access to a cell phone to receive the text message from the SSA.

Unfortunately, because of this dual login process some people were locked out of their “my Social Security” accounts. Many people didn’t have access to a cell phone with text messaging or didn’t know how to use the text features on their phones. Within 2 weeks of implementing the new security feature, the SSA had to remove the text authentication.

Although the previous security feature didn’t work out the SSA is trying again.  Under the new system, the SSA will re-deploy the cell phone text authentication and add an email feature. You will be able to receive an authentication code either by text message or via email. Since you need to have an email address to set up your “my Social Security account” online, everyone should be able to access the authentication code.

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