How Does a Conservatorship in Virginia Work?

Conservatorship in Virginia is the process by which a court appoints an individual to make financial decisions for someone who is no longer able to do so.

While a Conservatorship does attempt to maintain the protected person’s independence, it should only be considered in appropriate cases, as it may significantly impinge upon rights of the individual.

To safeguard the protected person’s right to due process, he or she is entitled to notice of, and ability to attend all legal proceedings related to conservatorship.

Conservatorship transfers the following responsibilities to the Conservator:

  •  Organizing, gathering and protecting assets
  •   Arranging appraisals of property
  •   Safeguarding property and assets from loss, whenever possible
  •   Managing income from assets
  •   Making appropriate payments
  •   Obtaining court approval prior to any sale of major assets
  •   Reporting to the court the estate’s status on a regular basis

The Sheri R. Abrams can help a Petitioner to decide if a Conservatorship is needed and assist in gathering the medical and financial information necessary to support the claim in court, draft the Petition requesting the appointment of a Conservator and represent the Petitioner in court.

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