Why You Should Consider Working with a Special Needs Attorney in Virginia

For parents of children with disabilities, even those that are already adults, it’s a good idea to take the extra step of meeting with a Special Needs Attorney in Virginia when planning for the future.

This gives you the opportunity to map out the best possible scenario for your child if you are no longer able to provide care for him or her on your own.

For example, you will want to work with your lawyer to determine how to set up funding for your child’s expenses after your death.  You will also use the opportunity to discuss guardianship for your child who needs assistance.  You will also discuss how to have a say in how money you leave behind will be used to care for your child.

By working with a Special Needs Planning lawyer, you will have access to someone who is experienced when it comes to what kinds of choices you need to make for your child.  Your attorney can offer suggestions and advice on topics that you likely didn’t even know should be considered.

Your Attorney can help you understand how an inheritance might affect any government assistance that your child is eligible to receive.  Rather than risking your child’s income, your lawyer will outline safer ways, such as using a Special Needs Trust to hold an inheritance for a child with disabilities so that it doesn’t interfere with benefits.

An area that many people don’t realize they need to consider is how to protect their child from future debts or lawsuits.  When a special needs planning lawyer helps you create the right kinds of trust, they are also creating a way to protect your child’s money from others. Imagine what would happen if your child lost the money you left behind for his or her care.  Instead of ending up in such a dire situation, your child needs to have money that can be depended upon for daily living, medical needs, and so forth.

An additional benefit of working with a Special Needs Attorney in Virginia is his or her ability to help you choose and educate your trustee.  An experienced Special Needs Planning Attorney will be able to guide the person you’ve chosen when it comes to managing the assets in a Special Needs Trust that you set up to care for your child.  Your choice of trustee is an incredibly important one, as your child will rely on this person to make good decisions.  Your lawyer will offer advice and guidance in how to select someone who is both savvy and trustworthy to fill this role.

Special needs planning is complicated and requires the anticipation of financial, medical and personal needs that your child may face now and for the remainder of his or her life.  It’s important to work with a professional who can guide you through all aspects of your special needs plan to ensure that your child is adequately prepared for life without you. If you need assistance getting started, we invite you to contact the Law Office of Sheri R. Abrams at (571) 328-5795 to schedule an appointment.

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