What do you do If you Are Denied Social Security Disability in Virginia?


Many disabled people become disheartened and frustrated after they receive a Social Security disability benefits denial notice, and they do not appeal. This is often a mistake.   Nationally, about 75% of all applicants are denied initially and about 90% are denied at the first appeal stage–Reconsideration.   But many of these people ultimately receive their benefits.   Please contact Attorney Sheri R. Abrams Attorney at Law to hear our success rate.   Sheri represents clients in Virginia, DC and Maryland.

What may be most frustrating about applying for Social Security Disability benefits is the process itself.   Those who apply are often made to feel like they are asking for something that they do not deserve, and nothing could be further from the truth.   Social Security Disability is not a welfare program; these benefits are paid for by you and were intended to act as a financial buffer in case you or a family member became seriously ill or injured.   Therefore, if you are unable to work, but you have been denied benefits, you should appeal.

For more information on Social Security Disability and SSI benefits in Virginia, please see www.sheriabrams.com.


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