Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans & Canines for Combat Veterans, Deserve Our Support

For almost 35 years, NEADS/Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans  has set industry standards for assistance dogs.   They have made a commitment to their clients to train the best dogs and provide the most comprehensive services possible.    By combining innovation, experience and a whole lot of heart, they are a leader in the industry.

  • NEADS has trained over 1,300 assistance dog teams since the organization’s inception in 1976.
  • NEADS trains a larger variety of assistance dogs than any other program in the US.
  • NEADS trains assistance dogs for people who are deaf or have hearing loss; people with balance and stability issues; people with a variety of physical disabilities; wounded combat veterans; teachers, ministers and therapists; children on the autism spectrum; and children with physical disabilities.
  • Inmates at more than a dozen New England prisons help by training 90-95% of their assistance dogs.
  • NEADS established the first partnership with a prison solely dedicated to the training of assistance dogs for people who are deaf or have hearing loss (2010).
  • NEADS was the first assistance dog organization to develop a program specifically geared to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, Canines for Combat Veterans (2006).
  • NEADS was the first assistance dog organization invited to Walter Reed Hospital to give an in-service about how assistance dogs can help wounded veterans (2005).