FIFA 13 Is AbleGamer’s Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year

FIFA 13, a soccer simulator, scored nearly a perfect 10 in AbleGamer’s game accessibility review process by implementing options such as remappable keys, subtitles and colorblind options.

In addition, FIFA 13 includes settings that allow players to tailor gameplay directly to their abilities. Gameplay can be slowed down all the way to 10 percent of the normal speed, enabling those with cognitive disabilities to play the game inside their comfort zone. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence (A.I.) can be slowed down, while leaving the player’s characters at full speed, giving gamers with mobility impairments the opportunity to react in more forgiving environments.

Perhaps even more impressive is that the game can be played by a mouse or trackball alone. This means people who are quadriplegics and those with severe disabilities, such as Muscular Dystrophy, can enjoy a sports game — in some cases, for the first time.