Why Should I Hire a Local Attorney for my Social Security Disability Case?

There may be a temptation to hire one of the big National Disability Groups based on advertising, even though they are usually in a distant state.


This is especially true after the recent “Binder & Binder” bankruptcy.


I am strongly of the opinion that hiring a local attorney for your Social Security Disability case is always better and this is why.


A Local Attorney:


  1. Meets with you face to face;
  2. Is actually an Attorney, many National Disability firms use mostly paralegals or “advocates;”
  3. Knows the local Administrative Law Judges who will decide your case;
  4. Is familiar with the personnel at your local Social Security office and the quirks of getting things done there;
  5. Is familiar with your doctors and their medical staff – from whom cooperation is crucial to your case; and
  6. Is NOT really working for your Long Term Disability Carrier, but is really working for you.


Posted by Sheri Abrams, Attorney at Law, www.sheriabrams.com


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