How Much Does It Cost to Work with a Lawyer on a Social Security Disability Case?

Many people initially avoid calling a lawyer to help them with their Social Security Disability case because they are afraid of what it may cost.

After all, the process of filing for benefits can seem straight-forward and easy enough on paper, so it can be tempting to go it alone without professional help.

However, it’s important to know that working with a lawyer on your Social Security Disability case will cost you NOTHING up front.

While the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits may appear to be simple, it’s actually quite complex and one mistake or oversight can hurt your case.  Working with a lawyer from the time of your first denial will give you the best chance of success in putting together an appeal that “dots all the I’s and crosses all the t’s,” and it also guarantees that you’ll have someone by your side to help move you through the appeals process.

Again, all at no upfront cost to you.

So how do Social Security Disability Lawyers get paid?

All Social Security Disability lawyers work on a contingency basis—meaning we don’t get paid until you do.

It’s only when you successfully receive your Social Security Disability benefits that your attorney will be paid out of your back benefits, none of your future benefits. The Government sets this fee as whichever is less of 25% of your back benefit or $6,000.

In addition to this percentage of your back benefits, your attorney may also collect a fee for any out-of-pocket expenses at the end of your case as well. This includes costs for receiving medical records for example.     

What If I lose my case?

If you are not successful in obtaining Social Security Benefits for whatever reason, then you will not be responsible to pay your attorney’s fee.  You may however, be responsible to reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses as mentioned above. Each firm is different, so it’s important to ask your attorney upfront about what fees are and are not covered under the terms of the agreement.

How do I get help appealing my claim for Social Security Disability Benefits??

Attorney Sheri R. Abrams is here to support you through every phase of the administrative appeals process. To schedule a free telephone screening of your case , simply call (571) 328-5795 and mention this article.

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