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May 2019
In This Issue:

—–Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits for Military Service Members & Veterans
—–Military Survivor Benefit Plans and your Disabled Child
—–Legal Guardianship vs VA Fiduciary Program

April 2019
In This Issue:

—–The Difference Between a Power of Attorney and a Guardianship
—–Will My Social Security Disability Benefit Amount Increase If My Condition Worsens?
—–Good News for Beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts

March 2019
In This Issue:

—–If You Are Applying for or are Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits, be careful what you post
—–We’ve Taken Steps to Make Our Website More Accessible to Individuals with Special Needs including those with Visual and Cognitive Impairments… Read On!
—–5 Things You Need to Know When Your Child with Special Needs Turns 18

February 2019
In This Issue:

—–Who Needs to Know about My Child’s Special Needs Plan?
—–5 Ways You Can Qualify for Social Security Benefits

January 2019
In This Issue:

—–Special Needs Planning and the Absentee Parent
—–Why Is It Appropriate To Seek Guardianship For Your 18-Year Old Child?

December 2018
In This Issue:

—–Questions to Ask When Hiring a Special Needs Planning Attorney
—–Scammers Make Fake Social Security Calls!

November 2018 
In This Issue:

—–Probably the #1 Question I Receive is “How Can I Receive More Money From SSI?”
—–Protect Your Child Who Has a Disability by Creating a Special Needs Trust

October 2018
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Recipients to Get Biggest Raise in Years!
—–Planning for Special Needs Children in a Divorce

September 2018
In This Issue:

—–What to Include in a Memorandum of Intent for Your Child with Special Needs
—–Can Social Security Disability & SSI Benefits Be Garnished?

August 2018 
In This Issue:

—–Should My Child’s Special Needs Trust Own a Home?
—–Do I Need Two Special Needs Trusts for Two Special Needs Children?
—–Social Security Adds 5 New Compassionate Allowances Conditions

July 2018
In This Issue:

—–The Worst Way to “Help” A Child with Special Needs
—–Can I Purchase a Car While on Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

June 2018
In This Issue:

—–Why Updating Your Beneficiary Forms is Crucial When You Have a Special Needs Trust
—–Consistency is Key for Social Security Disability Cases
—–In Virginia, How Much Can a Doctor Charge a Patient or an Attorney For Medical Records?

May 2018
In This Issue:

—–Arlington Virginia Social Security Office to Close
—–The Most Critical Decision You Will Make When Creating Your Child’s Special Needs Trust

April 2018
In This Issue:

—–Study Finds That Very Few Parents Have Planned Ahead to Protect Their Child with Disabilities
—–New Law Strengthens Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries by Improving the Representative Payee Program

March 2018
In This Issue:

—–Can I Use an Online Template to Draft a Special Needs Trust?
—–Guardianship and Conservatorship are Not the Same Thing in Virginia. Here’s What You Need to Know

February 2018
In This Issue:

—–Can I Give More than $15,000 a Year to My Loved One with Special Needs?
—–Don’t Forget To Switch from SSI Benefits to Disabled Adult Child Benefits

January 2018
In This Issue:

—–Do I Need a Special Needs Trust, ABLE Account… or BOTH?
—–Service Animals Permitted in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Buildings

December 2017
In This Issue:

—–It’s Now Easier to Enroll in ABLE Accounts
—–Be Careful When Fundraising for a Person with Disabilities
—–People Receiving Disability Benefits Can Now Report Wages Online

November 2017
In This Issue:

—–What Can a Special Needs Trust Pay for?
—–Interesting Statistics on the Social Security Disability Program

October 2017
In This Issue:

—–How to Create a Special Needs Plan When Parents Are Divorced
—–Social Security Recipients to Get the Biggest Raise in Years!

September 2017
In This Issue:

—–Guardianship for Children with Special Needs
—–Social Security Emergency Message: SSA Failed to Send Notifications

August 2017
In This Issue:

—–Why a Special Needs Planning Lawyer Should Be a Part of Your Child’s Special Needs Team
—–No Matter Your Age – It’s Critical to Review Your Social Security Earnings Statement

July 2017
In This Issue:

—–All Families Need Legal Planning-But Even More So When Your Child Has a Disability!
—–Have You Been Denied for SSDI in Virginia?  Don’t Panic!

June 2017
In This Issue:

—–7 Common Reasons Why Social Security Disability Benefits Are Denied
—–Can a Third Party Special Needs Trust Pay for a Vacation?

May 2017
In This Issue:

—–What is Guardianship?
—–Legal Documents Every 18 Year Old Needs to Ensure Their Parents Can Intervene Medically on Their Behalf

April 2017
In This Issue:

—–3 Costly Mistakes Made By Most Parents Who Have Kids With Special Needs
—–The Definitive Guide to Social Security Spousal Benefits

March 2017
In This Issue:

—–Do You Need a Special Needs Trust To Protect Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI)?
—–Can You Receive Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Disorders?

February 2017
In This Issue:

—–Protecting Your Kids Should Something Happen to You
—–Taxation of Third Party Special Needs Trusts

January 2017
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Now Allows Claimants to Check Application & Appeal Status
—–Estate Planning Checklist for January

November/December 2016

In This Issue:

—–Yes, You’re Covered by Social Security When You Are Outside the U.S.
—–Medicare Part B Premium & Deductible Will Increase in 2017

October 2016
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Announces 0.3 Percent Benefit Increase for 2017
—–Special Needs Trust Fairness and Medicaid Improvement Act Passes the U.S. House

September 2016
In This Issue:

—–Social Security’s New Mental Impairments Listings Go Into Effect January 17, 2017
—–October 26th Workshop: Planning for the Future: Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts
—–Benefits for Wounded Warriors

Summer 2016
In This Issue:

—–Representative Payee – A Job That Should Be Taken Seriously
—–How To Choose an Investment Adviser for a Special Needs Trust

June 2016
In This Issue:

—–Only a Small Increase in Social Security Benefits Expected Next Year
—–Expert Interview Series: Sheri Abrams on Social Security Disability

May 2016
In This Issue:

—–The Implementation of the Disabled Military Child Protection Act is Great News For Military Families
—–I am 63 years old and just stopped working because of an illness. Should I apply for Social Security Disability or Social Security Retirement?

April 2016
In This Issue:

—–Good News For Those With Disabilities and Federal Student Loans
—–Beware of Social Security Disability Application Scammers
—–Do I automatically receive Medicare if I get Social Security Disability Benefits?

March 2016
In This Issue:

—–What Are Social Security Emergency Messages?
—–Social Security Emergency Message 16012–Local Social Security Offices Must Give Specifics When Rejecting Special Needs Trusts
—–Social Security Emergency Message 16013–Waiver of SSI Overpayments Resulting From Same Sex Marriage

February 2016
In This Issue:

—–What Caused the Maximum Amount of Social Security Benefits to Decrease this year—Will My Benefits Decrease?
—–Beware of Fake Social Security Emails
—–Beware of New Medicare Phone Scam

January 2016
In This Issue:

—–No Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment in 2016
—–2016 Medicare Part B Premium & Part A and B Deductibles
—–New Social Security Rules End Two Spousal Claiming Strategies

May/June 2015
In This Issue:

—–BIG NEWS! Sheri Abrams Re-Opens Her Own Law Firm!
—–What Do You Do If You Lose Your Medicare Card?

April 2015
In This Issue:

—–Is There A Reference Source Where All Of The Rules For Working While On Social Security Are Located?
—–Is It True That There Are “Special Extra Earnings” For Military Service That Increase Monthly Social Security Benefits?

March 2015
In This Issue:

—–Final Rule to Revise the Definition of Spouse Under FMLA
—–Can a Third Party Special Needs Trust Pay For a Vacation?

February 2015
In This Issue:

—–Social Security to Expand Local Office Hours
—–Social Security Announces New Online Service for Replacement SSA-1099s
—–What Is Social Security Fraud, Waste or Abuse?

January 2015
In This Issue:

—–ABLE Act Becomes Law
—–Change to Social Security’s Workers Compensation Offset
—–Suspect Social Security Fraud?

December 2014
In This Issue:

—–Winter Weather – Is Your Social Security Office Open Today?
—–What is the Americans With Disabilities Act?

November 2014
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Announces 1.7 Percent Benefit Increase for 2015
—–FRAUD ALERT: Text Phishing Scheme Targeting Social Security Disability Applicants and Beneficiaries

October 2014
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Starts New Representative Payee Pilot Program
—–New Hydrocodone Regulations

September 2014
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Resumes Mailing Social Security Statements
—–Soldiers & Veterans with Lou Gehrig’s Disease Now Get Housing Subsidies

August 2014
In This Issue:

—–Can a Congressional Inquiry Help a Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits?
—–FCC Adopts Rules to Promote Widespread Text-to-911 Availability
—–Disability Visibility Project to Record Stories for the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act

July 2014
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Extends Access to Benefit Verification
—–Social Security’s New Disability Computer System Does Not Work
—–Scam Alert: That Robocall is Not From the IRS

June 2014
In This Issue:

—–Can You Receive Social Security Disability or Retirement if You Live Overseas?
—–“Archie” Comic Books To Now Feature a Character With a Disability
—–Free Online Version of “That All May Worship: An Interfaith Welcome to People with Disabilities” Released

May 2014
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Changes the Way it Reviews Special Needs Trusts
—–Social Security Stops Collecting Some Overpayments Over 10 Years Old

April 2014
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Issues New Ruling on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
—–Social Security Employee in D.C. Accused of Taking Bribes for Favorable Decisions

March 2014
In This Issue:

—–It is Now Easier To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits
—–If a Person leaves the Country Will They Lose Their SSI Benefits?
—–Upcoming Changes to Services at Local Social Security Offices

February 2014
In This Issue:

—–New Expedited Social Security Disability Process for Veterans
—–Social Security Publishes New SSI Rules for Same-Sex Married Couples

January 2014
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Adds 25 New Compassionate Allowances Conditions
—–How Will Receiving Child Support Payments Affect a child’s SSI Benefits?

December 2013
In This Issue:

—–Sheri is Now Helping Clients Discharge Student Loans Due to Disability
—–What Are Social Security Disability Consultative Exams?
—–How to Get Help in the Cold Weather

November 2013
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Disability, Retirement & SSI Benefits To Increase In 2014
—–New DOT Rules Make Flying Easier for Passengers with Disabilities

October 2013
In This Issue:

—–National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
—–What Is A Social Security Disability Continuing Disability Review?
—–What Should You Do If You Receive A CDR notice?
—–What Should You Do If You Get A Notice Ending Your Benefits After A CDR?

September 2013
In This Issue:

—–Can Social Security Disability & SSI Benefits Be Garnished?
—–Why Should You Hire a Local Attorney for Your Social Security Disability Case?
—–“Together on the Pathway to Wellness” Conference

August 2013
In This Issue:

—–Social Security to Begin Processing Claims by Some Same-Sex “Aged Spouses”
—–The Social Security Administration is Replacing the Term “Mental Retardation”
—–Lupus Foundation’s “Ask the Experts” Program

July 2013
In This Issue:

—–How Working Impacts SSI Benefits
—–National Museum of American History Launches History of Disability Online Exhibition
—–Lupus Foundation’s”Ask the Experts” Program

June 2013
In This Issue:

—–Have You Used the Social Security Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool?
—–HUD Issues Notice on Assistance Animals and Reasonable Accommodations

May 2013
In This Issue:

—–Obama Administration Simplifies Application for Health Insurance
—–If You Have a Disability, You May Qualify for a Free Access Pass to National Parks

April 2013
In This Issue:

—–Disability Rights in Housing
—–National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

March 2013
In This Issue:

—–Do You Have To Pay Income Taxes On The Social Securtiy Benefits You Receive?
—–Free Workshop: Government Benefits, Social Security and Work Programs
—–Spread the Word to End the Word

February 2013
In This Issue:

—–Who Qualifies for Social Security Survivor Benefits?
—–Disability Rights Rule Changes Sports In Schools
—–Virginia Caregivers Can Apply for $400 to Cover the Cost of Respite Care.

January 2013
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Announces New Online Services Available with a “My Social Security”
—–“FIFA 13” Is AbleGamer’s Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year

December 2012
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Announces New Compassionate Allowances Conditions
—–FEMA Offers Assistive Technology to Help People Access Disaster Information

November 2012
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Field Offices To Close Earlier
—–Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline Extended Due to Super Storm Sandy
—–Consider Signing Up For Fairfax’s Special Needs Registry

October 2012
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Benefits Will Increase by 1.7% in 2013
—–Can A Non-U.S. Citizen Receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?
—–“Social Security For Dummies” Published

September 2012
In This Issue:

—–What Do I Do If I Am Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?
—–Problems Faced by Voters with Disabilities

August 2012
In This Issue:

—–The Basics of Social Security Disability Insurance
—–Social Security Issues New Disability Ruling on Fibromyalgia

July 2012
In This Issue:

—–Can a Student Loan be Discharged Because of a Disability?
—–Huntington’s Disease added to Compassionate Allowances Program
—–Lupus Foundation Presentation Was Sold-Out

June 2012
In This Issue:

—–What Should A Social Security Representative Payee Do and Not Do?
—–How Does Medicare Affect TRICARE?

May 2012
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Statements Are Now Available Online
—– New Program to Improve Efficiency for Wounded Warriors Applying for Disability

April 2012
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Adds New Conditions to Compassionate Allowances Program
—–Social Security Administration Adopts Electronic Signatures for Release Forms

March 2012
In This Issue:

—–Changes That You Need To Tell Social Security About
—–Military Can Receive Faster Claim Processing for Social Security Disability

February 2012
In This Issue:

—–New Rule Strengthens Protections for Americans with Disabilities at Rail Stations
—–TSA Launches New Toll Free Number for Air Travelers with Disabilities

January 2012
In This Issue:

—–Sheri R. Abrams Named Partner
—–All Veterans with ALS are Eligible for Service Connected Veterans Benefits
—–New Law Requires Commercial Pools to be accessible to the Disabled

December 2011
In This Issue:

—–Can Social Security Disability & SSI Benefits Be Garnished By Child Support?
—–The Only Accessible Frank Lloyd Wright House To Become A Museum

November 2011
In This Issue:

—–Medicare Part B Premium Increase for 2012 Will be Lower Than Projected
—–Disney Parks Are Very Accessible for Guests with Disabilities

October 2011
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Recipients Are Expected to Get COLA in 2012
—–Social Security Expands Compassionate Allowances Conditions
—–New iPhone App “Wheelmap” Shows Wheelchair Access Around the World

September 2011
In This Issue:

—–Are College 529 Plans Considered a Resource When Applying For SSI?
—–September is National Pain Awareness Month
—–Lupus Foundation Presentation Was Sold Out

August, 2011
In This Issue:

—–Local Social Security Offices Now Closing to the Public a Half Hour Early
—–Disabled Veterans Real Property Tax Relief

July 2011
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Announces New Compassionate Allowances Conditions
—–Social Security Checks Could Be Delayed Without Debt-Ceiling Deal

June 2011
In This Issue:

—–Endocrine Disorders Removed from Social Security’s List of Disabling Impairments
—–Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) App Helps Thousands

May 2011
In This Issue:

—–How Are Social Security Disability Benefits Taxed?
—–Bureau of Engraving and Printing Launches Eye-Note App to Help the Blind

April 2011
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Stops Mailing Earning Statements
—–Sheri Abrams Elected To NOSSCR Board of Directors

March 2011
In This Issue:

—–Important Changes to ADA Now in Effect
—–Tax Act Brings Changes to SSI & Medicaid Treatment of Refunds, Tax Credits
—–Sheri Abrams to Teach CLE on Social Security Disability for the Virginia State Bar

February 2011
In This Issue:

—–How Will President Obama’s 2012 Budget Impact Those With Disabilities?
—–Financial Assistance Is Available For Disabled Veterans To Purchase a Vehicle
—–Sheri Abrams To Speak At the 2011 Accessibility Summit

January 2011
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Not Making Many Changes in their Numbers in 2011
—–Say Goodbye To Paper Social Security Checks
—–Sheri Abrams To Speak At the 2011 Accessibility Summit

December 2010
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Payback Option Eliminated
—–Social Security Disability Judges Face Violent Threats
—–15 Questions with … A Lupus Expert

November 2010
In This Issue:
—–Social Security’s Fast Track Disability Processes Gets Even Faster
—–Virginia Hospital Offers Free Knee or Hip Surgery
—–Museum of Disability History Now Open

October 2010
In This Issue:

—–No Social Security Cost-Of-Living Increase in 2011
—–President Obama Signs Historic Rosa’s Bill Into Law

September 2010
In This Issue:

—–Social Security Set to Eliminate Retirement Benefit Pay-Back Option
—–Why is my Medicare Part B Premium More than my Neighbors Part B Premium?

August 2010
In This Issue:

—–How To Protect Your Child’s Disability Benefits After They Become an Adult
—–How Can You Get Your Prescriptions Filled for Free

July 2010
In This Issue:

—–Can You Receive Social Security if You Move Out of the Country?
—–Can You Receive Social Security Disability If You Used Drugs or Alcohol?

June 2010
In This Issue:

—–Free Segways For Disabled Veterans
—–Are You In Medicare Prescription Drug’s “Donut hole”? $250 Checks Are On The Way
—–Divorce and Social Security Retirement Benefits

May 2010
In This Issue:

—–Video Games For The Disabled Now Available
—–Can You Receive Social Security Disability Benefits For Hepatitis C?
—–Sheri Abrams’ Book “Don’t Gamble With Your Social Security Disability Benefits”

April 2010
In This Issue:

—–Should You Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits Online?
—–Should You Get a Special Needs Trust For Your Child?
—–Sheri Abrams’ Book “Don’t Gamble With Your Social Security Disability Benefits”

March 2010
In This Issue:

—–The Backlog to have a Social Security Disability Hearing is at its Lowest Point
—–“Autism on the Seas”
—–Sheri Abrams’ Book “Don’t Gamble with your Social Security Disability Benefits”

February 2010
In This Issue:

—–Sheri Abrams’ Book “Don’t Gamble With Your Social Security Disability Benefits”
—–Social Security Adds 38 New Compassionate Allowance Conditions

January 2010
In This Issue:

—–If You Have Lyme Disease, Put Your Case on the Map
—–What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

December 2009
In This Issue:

—–Did You Receive an Incorrect Benefit Notice From Social Security?
—–Upcoming Speech to Springfield Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

November 2009
In This Issue :

—–Beware What You Post on Facebook If You Want to Receive Disability Benefits
—–Schizophrenia Considered For Social Security Compassionate Allowances List
—–What Is the Difference Between a Will & a Trust?

October 2009
In This Issue:

—–At Last—Shorter Waits for Social Security Disability Benefits
—–Attorney, Sheri Abrams, to Speak at “Circle of Support” Conference
—–Can a Disabled Person Create a Special Needs Trust with Their Own Funds?

September 2009
In this Issue:

—–Social Security Representative Payee—Not a Job to be Taken Lightly
—–Attorney, Sheri Abrams, to Give Presentation for the Tourette Syndrome Association
—–Attorney Sheri Abrams, to Host WebChat for the Lupus Foundation of America
—–What is an Executor/Executrix and What Do They Do?

August 2009
In this Issue:

—–Can You Collect Both Social Security Disability Benefits and Unemployment?
—–Sheri Abrams to Speak At Lupus & Disability Seminar on September 12th
—–Be Cautious of Generic Health Care Powers of Attorney Forms

July 2009
In this Issue:

—–When Should You Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?
—–What If I Took Early Retirement From Social Security at Age 62 and Change My Mind?
—–Why Should You Create A Special Needs Trust Before Your Child Turns 18?

June 2009
In this Issue:

—–Social Security Benefits Not Expected to Increase in 2010 or 2011
—–Most Adults With Special Needs Require Estate Planning Documents
—–The Problems With Commingling Special Needs Trust Assets with Personal Funds

May 2009
In this Issue:

—–State Cuts Delay Social Security Disability Benefits
—–Adult Children With Disabilities Can Qualify For Social Security On Parents’ Records
—–Most Parents Of Children With Special Needs Lack A Plan

April 2009
In this Issue:

—–Stimulus Payments to Social Security Recipients to Arrive in May
—–The Problem with Extra Income and SSI Eligibility
—–Should You Update Your Will When You Move to Another State?

March 2009
In this Issue:

—–Congress Proposes Tax-Deferred Savings Accounts for People with Disabilities
—–Don’t Let Social Security Disabled Adult Children’s Benefits Interfere with Medicaid
—–A Warning for Medicaid Beneficiaries Traveling Out of State

February 2009
In this Issue:

—–How Will the New Stimulus Package Help People With Special Needs
—–What Expenses Should a Special Needs Trust Not Pay For?
—–Launch of More Accessible Website

January 2009
In this Issue:

—–What Does the Inauguration Mean to the Special Needs Community?
—–Don’t Let Social Security Disabled Adult Children’s Benefits Interfere with Medicaid
—–Social Security Administration Violates Rights of the Visually Impaired

December 2008
In this Issue:

—-Are Workers’ Compensation Payments Affected by Social Security Disability?
—-No Birth Certificate for Social Security?
—-Can A Disabled Person Create A Special Needs Trust With Their Own Funds?

November 2008
In this Issue:

—–What is the Earliest Age that A Person Can Receive Social Security Disability?
—–Social Security Benefits Going Up by 5.8%
—–Social Security Announces Launch of Fast Track Disability Applications
—–What is a Special Needs Trust?

October 2008
In this Issue:

—–How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?
—–Medicare Premium to Remain Unchanged in 2009

September 2008
In this Issue:

—–What Do I Do If I Am Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?
—–Be On Alert: Banks are Illegally Garnishing Social Security Benefits.

August 2008
In this Issue:

—–What are Social Security Disability Benefits?
—–The Rising Backlog in Disability Appeals.