Opportunity to Share Your Thoughts on Reasonable Accommodations and the Adult Disability Determination Process in Virginia

The Social Security Administration (SSA)  is  interested in learning if there are reasonable accommodations that are common and widely available nationally and here in Virginia, DC and Maryland.

SSA would like this information to determine if reasonable accommodations should be considered in their adult disability determination process which can assist us here in Virginia, DC and Maryland.

As Social Security seeks to keep pace with changes in medicine, health care practice, technology, and the world of work, they are attempting to continuously scan the environment to determine if there are advances that SSA should consider in their disability programs.

SSA is  requesting  our thoughts and ideas on reasonable accommodations through their online tool called IdeaScale.

IdeaScale allows us all to share our thoughts and ideas with others and to react to others’ thoughts and ideas.

Your input is very important.

Please visit the IdeaScale engagement site and provide comments through December 1, 2015.


Posted by Sheri R. Abrams, Attorney at Law, Fairfax Virginia, www.sheriabrams.com


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