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Ask the Experts – Social Security Disability & SSI Benefits for Those with Lupus

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“Ask the Experts” is a series of educational talks and presentations on a variety of topics designed to provide you with important information about living with lupus. For more information click here.

In this archived “Ask the Experts” podcast, disability law attorney, Sheri Abrams, talks about disability and other benefits issues for people with lupus. Because lupus can be a disabling disease, it can make it challenging for an individual to continue working. Social Security Disability is a government program that provides income protection for people who are considered to be permanently disabled due to a chronic condition. Learn more about the program and submit your questions about social security and lupus.

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Special Needs Trusts Seminar—-Sponsored by ServiceSource’s Family Support Services

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This seminar will explore what a Special Needs Trust is and the impact it will have on your loved one’s future.

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