Social Security Extends Access to Benefit Verification

Bowing to pressure from Congress, the Social Security Administration has announced that local Social Security offices would continue to provide benefit verification letters until further notice.

These letters are used by people to quickly verify their income when applying for a loan or other government benefits, such as housing assistance.

The local offices were scheduled to stop issuing benefit verification letters in October as part of Social Security’s efforts to provide more services online.   But the Social Security Administration has recognized that some people require help in person.

A recent congressional report said 5 million people a year visit Social Security offices to obtain benefit verification letters.

Over the last few years, Social Security has invested in technology that allows most government agencies and many other organizations to verify their clients’ Social Security benefits electronically without requiring them to visit a local Social Security office.

Members of the public with Internet access can obtain benefit verification information online by creating a my Social Security account at



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