Social Security Launches New Online Scam Reporting Form

Social Security online scam reporting formThe Social Security Administration has just announced a new tool to fight against Social Security related scams.

Social Security has created an online form, with which scams can be reported. Information gathered through these reports will be used to help investigate frauds and scams.

Calls in which scammers convince a person to buy gift cards or mailing cash in response to phony Social Security problems have become the number one form of fraud reported to Social Security and the Federal Trade Commission.

Social Security will never issue a threat or promise benefits in exchange for money or information. Anyone who receives such calls should hang up.   If there are legitimate problems related to an individual’s Social Security account, you will be notified by mail.

Over-the-phone (robocalls and live callers), text-based, emails, online, and in-person scams can be reported through the online form which can be found here.

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