Cindy Lundberg

    Sheri was recommended to me by a friend. I was very happy with her services. She is personable, professional, and thorough. I would recommend her.  – 12/13/2016

    George H

    Sheri Abrams is a highly-competent, completely ethical lawyer who is compassionate and caring as well. I would highly recommend her for any disability or elder care issues you may have. You simply cannot do any better.  – 1/20/2016

    Juanita Torley

    Sheri is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.  – 3/18/2017

    Camilla Burkley

    Sheri R. Abrams, is a great attorney, she never hard to contact, and always had and expeditious response! GREAT JOB SHERI!  – 3/30/2016

    Henry W.

    Without Ms Abrams, I would not have gotten my Disability.  – 12/13/2017

    Jennifer McKee

    Sheri is fabulous! She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and persistent! She has come to our school to speak to parents a number of times and each time I learn something new. I highly recommend her!  – 4/11/2016

    Laura B

    Sheri exceeded my expectations and delivered as promised. She clearly knows her way around disability benefits, how to go after what is reasonable, and prepares her client through out the entire process. I highly recommend her,  – 6/13/2016

    Mary K.

    We were quite impressed with the Sheri Abrams Law Office. We used Sheri to prepare two Special Needs Trusts. One was required for retired military pension survivor benefits. Our appointments were on time and the legal expertise was worth the cost. I will use Sheri Abrams again.  – 10/18/2017

    Secular Swami

    I can’t say enough good things about Sheri. Truly one of the most competent, knowledgeable and compassionate professionals I have engaged in the area of disability legal services. A 5-Star rating seems insufficient to express how happy and satisfied I am with the assistance she provided. Thank you, Sheri. Well done!  – 11/13/2016

    Tommy D

    I am so grateful to Sheri Abrams for coming to my rescue and helping me obtain Disability benefits. I can’t even imagine where I would be today without her. She’s the best, so don’t hesitate, contact her now. 🙂 -Tommy  – 10/23/2015

    Evan Farr

    Sheri is a top-notch attorney, THE expert in Northern Virginia in the field of Social Security Disability law. I refer clients to her regularly and her track record is exceptional. Highly recommended!  – 9/28/2018

    Jennifer M

    Sheri is amazing! She cares deeply about getting families what they need. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to explain even the most complicated aspects of the law in simple terms so that people can understand. Sheri has come to speak to our school a number of times and each time I learn something new from her presentation. She has helped so many families and I most highly recommend her!  – 4/11/2016


    Sheri recently helped with a trust fund for my disabled sons. She took the time to listen to our needs and explained the document and our options.  – 3/13/2017

    Andy Butler

    I was having a hard time understanding my options when I consulted Ms. Abrams. She listened patiently, asked excellent questions and then gave me some solid advice. I appreciated her attitude, her openness and her frankness. She gets my unconditional recommendation.  – 10/13/2015

    Kathy Daniel

    Sheri did a great job with my case. She was efficient, because she knows her work backwards and forwards  – 8/01/2016

    Jerry C.

    I consulted Sheri before I started the SSDI process. She guided me around the pitfalls. I was very happy with her advice.  – 12/07/2017

    Linda Gegg

    Sheri was able to complete my sons guardianship without a hitch, even though the birth father never responded. She was thorough & explained everything that would occur in court. There were no surprises! I highly recommend her in taking care of guardianship issues.  – 4/07/2018

    Pamela Blum

    We are so grateful we found Sheri Abrams. Having been diagnosed with an chronic illness it became impossible for me to work. Sheri walked us through the steps and gave us wonderful council in getting a disabled decision in court. It was not an easy process. It took some time. Sheri was patient, understanding, respectful, and a well of knowledge. Because of her firms hard dedicated work, we are now free of the additional stress of our financial well-being. I highly recommend Sheri Abrams firm.  – 10/11/2018

    Debbie S.

    Wow! Sheri Abrams knows her stuff!! Sheri is knowledgeable in all areas of her practice, and she has a compassion and humble strength that is exactly what one would hope for seeking legal help. Sheri is familiar with specific diseases and issues that can cause permanent disability, knows the legal system, and listens!! Sheri is very efficient and straight forward on what needs to be done for the specific situation. Sheri has also volunteered her time, which I have attended, to share her expertise in disability and special needs. Sheri is exceptional and I could not ask for an attorney with more knowledge and understanding. I absolutely recommend Sheri Abrams, and have done so to a number of people in need. Many blessings to Sheri indeed, and to all who need her. Thank you Sheri!  – 3/15/2016

    Richard Weldon Davis

    Sheri represented us in our guardianship case for our son Nick. She also drew up a 3rd party special needs trust.

    The entire process could not have been any easier. Sheri was able to answer all our questions and put us at ease.

    I highly recommend Sheri for any and all legal needs.  – 5/28/2016

    Joseph Z

    Sheri Really Knows Her Stuff!!! Just when I was ready to give up I met Sheri. She just took over my case and we won. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a good Disability Lawyer  – 3/24/2016

    Karen Murray

    Very accessible and straight forward. I was very pleased that I could email questions as they came up as my documents were being finalized. Sheri seems truly dedicated to this field and I have been quick to refer social workers and other parents of special needs children to her.  – 6/21/2017

    B G Christie

    Ms. Abrams is wonderful! kind, thoughtful, and understanding. She worked very hard for me so that, in spite of my difficult physiological conditions, I was approved for Social Security Security Disability Benefits without appearing at a hearing. A hearing would would have resulted in an extremely high level of panic and discomfort for me. On a scale of one to ten, she earns the highest rating. W. Christie Ms. Abrams was a pleasure to work with through the difficult process of obtaining benefits for our son. She is a master of the process itself, and is also a master of customer service. My husband and I recommend her without reservation.  – 2/17/2016

    Regina P.

    Sheri is that all-too-rare combination of top-notch legal skill AND compassion for the disabled.  My husband and I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs a skilled lawyer.  – 9/24/2016

    Ilene Kesselman

    I don’t think I would have gotten my disability without Sheri’s help!!  – 5/27/2016

    Denise S.

    Sheri Abrams did an excellent job for my brother and I in developing our our estate planning documents. She was very thorough in leading us through the various decisions that need to be made, particularly the "what if" scenario’s that may occur as we age. Documents she prepared for us were our wills; power of attorney; medical power of attorney; medical directive; etc. These documents were done in timely manner; and she explained who needs copies. We left assured that she will be there should we have any questions or need future legal advice or guidance. It is nice to know you have professional like Sheri on your side! I would recommend her to anyone getting their estate planning documents prepared.  – 7/16/2016

    Susan Seiler

    I contacted Sheri after my disability application was denied and it was time to appeal.
    From the onset, it was clear this is not her first rodeo. She is all business at first meeting — I encourage you to take this as evidence of Sheri’s long experience and excellent track record.
    Sheri ALWAYS returned my calls, she communicated clearly and made sure I understood what was going on. It was easy to forget that she has many other clients with the same worries and anxiety.  – 10/16/2017

    E M.

    We were relieved to have found such a caring, knowledgeable, patient and experienced attorney to guide us through the SSDI process.   Sheri walked us through each step, patiently explaining the process  (sometimes over and over and over to us).  We are happy that Sheri had no problem telling us like it is and shows genuine concern.  We highly recommend Sheri.  – 11/30/2016

    Peter Miller

    Sheri provided a very personal approach to our Estate Planning. She is very knowledgeable about disability issues and my wife and I enjoyed the time we spent with he  – 12/14/2017

    Craig R.

    We worked with Sheri to obtain guardianship for our son prior to his 18th birthday.   Sheri made the process very easy and we completed everything in record time.   Her knowledge and experience sets her apart from her colleagues.  – 9/16/2016

    Judd Fuoto

    My dealings with Sheri were fantastic. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and fantastic to work with during guardianship proceedings for a loved one. We were so pleased with her service that we went back to Sheri for a Special Needs Trust.  – 6/13/2017

    Laura Boteler

    Sheri knows her stuff about disability benefits and exceeded my expectations … she is easy to work with and genuinely cares about helping her clients. I highly recommend her!  – 10/23/2015

    Christina F.

    I contacted Sheri to complete my parents’ Will, Power of Attorney and Medical Directive documents. She met with the three of us and was very patient in answering our questions through the process. Sheri made my parents feel very comfortable and we all enjoyed working with her.  – 10/03/2018

    Pamela Westcott

    Sheri recently prepared a number of documents for us that enabled our family to face a medical issue with confidence. Her work was thorough, professional, and Sheri presented alternatives that we had not considered. We were very pleased with her professionalism and would recommend Sheri without any reservations.  – 8/01/2017

    Peter Miller

    Sheri provided a very personal approach to our Estate Planning. She is very knowledgeable about disability issues and my wife and I enjoyed the time we spent with her.  – 12/12/2017

    Ann McGill

    Fast. Knowledgeable. Personable. I highly recommend.  – 1/12/2017

    Tamara Feliciano

    Sheri helped us with Social Security problems and Guardianship. When I hire a lawyer I want someone who is straight forward and a fighter . Sheri is all that and more.  – 10/15/2016

    Mike McGinn

    Sheri recently created a Special Needs Trust for my handicapped brother. I could have gone to a lot of lawyers, but I’m glad I chose Sheri. She took the time to listen to my brother’s story so she could better shape the Trust. I would definitely work with her again. She actually gives lawyers a good name….  – 10/13/2017

    Janet Cochran

    Sheri was very helpful in explaining my options in creating a special needs trust for my son. The result protects my son’s financial resources in a way I could not have anticipated without her assistance. She offered to answer any questions that might arise even though the trust has been finalized.  – 9/09/2018

    JR Walker

    Ms. Abrams provided much-needed and well-organized advice concerning long-standing concerns within my family. She received a list of questions and concerns ahead of time and answered them knowledgeably and thoroughly. She was also well-prepared to answer additional questions raised during our conversation. She clearly has much knowledge and experience with all aspects of Social Security law and can speak from a frequent and diverse practice before these specialized tribunals. She set our minds at ease and gave us the necessary guidance for our next steps, in much detail. She has great communication and presentation skills, and I hope they can be utilized for further client education or even teaching purposes.

    It was a pleasure meeting her, and I look forward to recommending her practice to folks in her area. Thank you, Ms. Abrams, for your service to many clients in great need of help! Your care for them is obvious.  – 12/02/2018

    Ben Glass

    I am a fellow attorney in the community. I have both referred social security cases to Sheri and hired her when a need arose for a family member. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Give her a call and she will tell you whether or not you need an attorney and if so, what the best course of action is.  – 2/12/2017

    Matthew Stevens

    We engaged Attorney Abrams to assist with obtaining guardianship for our adult disabled child. Throughout the process, Attorney Abrams was professional, and demonstrated a high degree of competence and experience. She clearly has a passion for this work! We will engage her again, as we pursue further special needs and estate planning.  – 1/15/2018

    Scott Walker

    Sheri was great, very responsive and answered all of our questions.  – 6/01/2017

    Kathleen Boyer

    I did a lot of research and talked to many lawyers in the Washington metro area when I was working to resolve a potentially disabling medical issue this year. Sheri was by far the most personable and articulate of all of them.
    She focused on the relevant issues and did not try to sell me legal options I did not need.

    Her rates are the best in the DC area for high quality professional services in elder law, estate law and disability law. Her common sense approach was really refreshing and I did not walk out of her office with more questions than I had walking in. I now feel informed and equipped with the right information and defensible tools in place for whatever the future brings.

    Sheri operates out of an office building that supports a coffee and gift shop run by persons with disabilities. It creates a lively and warm hearted atmosphere and demonstates Sheri’s involvement with the disabled community. Lovely person.  – 8/14/2017

    Richard Davis

    Sheri is a great Special Needs attorney! She assisted us with Guardianship and two Special Needs Trusts for our son.  – 7/27/2018

    Elena Adesso

    I will remain forever grateful to Sheri for her help in guiding us through the guardianship process for my daughter. In addition to her specialized expertise, I appreciate very much Sheri’s deep understanding and sensitivity for those with special needs. Elena A.  – 9/28/2018

    Dominic Mancuso

    After having several back surgeries, a heart attack, open heart surgery and a chunk of my lung removed, two bad knees and a bad hip, I was STILL denied my disability. Sheri Abrams took over at that point and made a VERY difficult process REALLY easy. She took care of all the paperwork and ultimately got me my disability. I was SO thankful to her and how sympathetic she was to my situation. She always listened and took care to answer all of my questions. I would recommend her, and her alone, to anyone facing the gauntlet of government bureaucracy. She is also a great lady with a lot of class.  – 7/20/2016

    Pamela Westcott

    We were faced with a medical emergency that required legal assistance. Despite the short notice, Sheri met with us and prepared the required documents almost overnight. Sheri was professional, thorough and efficient in our dealings with her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sheri to anyone needing legal assistance.  – 8/01/2017

    John Sturman

    Sheri is very knowledgeable and professional. She was very helpful in working out our guardianship. It was an efficient process.  – 10/29/2017

    Greg Josephs

    If you have applied or are going to apply to Social Security for Disability benefits, Ms. Abrams is definitely the way to go. True it took me 3 years but she explained the steps and made sure success was assured with an incredibly complex bureaucracy.  – 9/13/2016

    Alice Blackburn

    Sheri listened carefully to what we wanted, and explained everything clearly. We’re quite happy with the results. BTW, we first worked with Sheri in 2004 to set up our wills and POAs, and she was the first person we thought of in 2016 when we decided to update them.  – 4/13/2017

    Keefer JayJay

    I can’t say enough good things about Sheri Abrams. She has helped me with
    several legal issues. I have also recommended Sheri to several people and they
    all called me and told me how pleased they were dealing with Sheri Abrams.
    I would highly recommend Sheri…..check out her website to see what her specialties are.  – 10/09/2015

    Jeremy Moore

    Sheri knows all facets of the Social Security Disability process. I will highly recommend her to anyone. She is a genuine and kind-hearted person and if she takes your, you will not be disappointed. Sincerely, Disabled Veteran  – 11/01/2015

    Lia Keith

    Ms. Abrams and her team were incredible. We were informed, prepared, and supported throughout every step of our legal issue. I would highly recommend her and would send any of my friends and family to her for their legal needs.  – 1/31/2018

    John G

    The legal issues associated with Special Needs Trust had concerned us for years, so we were greatly relieved to find Ms Sheri Abrams, Attorney at Law. She is a remarkably-gifted special needs attorney. She skillfully guided us through the process of completing a Special Needs Trust for our daughter. We could not have been more pleased with her work and her guidance to us going forward. Sheri fully understands the law specific to those with special needs and disabilities, and we were grateful, indeed, to find her. Our daughter is the very center of our lives, so we would not have entrusted the legal matters of her life to anyone else. We are pleased to enthusiastically recommend Ms Sheri Abrams to anyone seeking expert legal counsel for special needs and disabilities.  – 6/20/2016

    Brenda Lebensburger

    I have consulted with Ms. Abrams over the past couple of years on a continuing Social Security Disability matter. She has always responded promptly and helped me with whatever questions I had at the time. I would highly recommend her and will continue to seek her advice with any continued questions I may have.  – 10/01/2016

    Dennis Cook

    “Sheri from the first moment I met her portrayed an honest attitude and would tell me like it is no matter what. She is very thorough and was very accessible throughout the whole process if I had any questions concerning my disability case.”  – 11/04/2015

    Stuart Saltzman

    Sheri was very helpful and really knows her specialty- She helped us get my Nephew on disability and is now helping us keep him on disability as well as create a special needs trust. something very few attorneys know how to do  – 10/03/2016

    Terry Harler

    Sheri Abrams has been a godsend to us in the whole disability journey. She was recommended to me by a former coworker / friend, and by a friend who contacted one of her own clients for a recommendation in my area. When out of state lawyers know who to call … you know you have a winner. Sheri IS a winner!!  – 9/21/2017

    Jennifer OConnor

    Dealing with a disability is never easy. Sheri has the patience and compassion to face facts and then help you understand options. She provided a ray of hope when things seemed pretty dismal. Sheri was recommended to me by a respected employee retirement association. i would send friends and family to her without hesitation.  – 5/13/2017

    Joseph Zimmer

    I owe Sheri everything. She went to bat for me at my disability hearing. I thought all was lost but Sheri did not give up. To make a long story short we won my case. I would recommend Sheri to anyone in need of an excellent Social Security Lawyer. Thanks again Sheri!!!  – 10/15/2016

    Sean Niles

    Sheri is absolutely amazing. Not only is working within the realm of disability law difficult since it is in a state of continuous change, but the issues that are brought in by clients are never simple. We were referred to Sheri and were absolutely thrilled with her professionalism, honesty, and ability to connect with us. Without a doubt, we will be back when we need further legal advice and have already referred her to a number of our friends.  – 5/06/2017

    Mia Satori

    Sheri helped my husband back in 2007. She was a great source of info & comfort back then. Thank you for helping our family.  – 3/21/2017

    Dr. Carolyn Green

    Ms. Abrams is the best. I have been divorced for many years and a single parent of a son with multiple disabilities. I met with Ms. Abrams and immediately knew she was the best attorney to handle my request for guardianship. She listened to our needs and ensures the guardianship process was seamless. I would high recommend Ms. Abrams if you or a family have a disability and are seeking sound legal advise and excellent services.  – 9/08/2017

    A M.

    My Social Security Disability case had gone through the appeal process and had been denied. Now it was time to go before the judge. As always, everyone said, "No worries, you have a great case; you don’t need a lawyer." Yeah right. My health issues were getting worse and the added stress was not helping. A friend of mine recommended talking to Sheri R. Abrams. Check her out you have nothing to lose. Best thing I ever did. She put me at ease. Took over my case and supported me right through the hearing. Guess what? We won!!! Thanks again Sheri and staff for all your support.  – 3/10/2018

    Carol Case Dexter

    Sheri led a productive discussion with members of the Northern Virginia Post-Polio Support Group. She immediately developed a rapport with her audience and demonstrated compassionate understanding of the issues facing the disability community. She delivered clear, concise information exhibiting a keen professionalism and expert knowledge in Social Security Disability appeals as well as the acquisition of Wills, Trusts, and POAs. I would highly recommend her services.  – 11/10/2015

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