Virginia Disability Attorney: Lack of Treatment is the Major Cause of Social Security Disability Benefit Denial

If a claimant is not seeking regular medical treatment for their physical or mental impairment, the lack of medical records to support their claim can result in their claim for Social Security Disability benefits being denied.  Making sure that you receive continued medical treatment from licensed medical providers is essential in any Social Security Disability case.

As a Virginia Disability attorney, I am frequently asked, “What if I can’t afford to see a doctor?”

If you are unable to afford the medical treatment you need, look into applying for Medicaid, consider going to a Free Clinic, and/or research the Affordable Care Act.

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a very long, very confusing, and very stressful process.  In fact, research shows that 80% of all claimants who file for disability benefits are initially denied.   But if this happens to you, do not give up. Contact an experienced disability attorney for help in appealing your denial.  Even people who deserve disability benefits often have to fight before those benefits are granted.   In fact, thousands of people who were once denied are now receiving their disability benefits after allowing an experienced disability attorney to assist them.

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