Virginia Social Security Disability Attorney: Common Mistakes Made by People in the Social Security Disability Process

As a Viginis Social Security Disability attorney, I know that most people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits will have their initial claim denied.   Most of the time this unfavorable decision can be and should be appealed.  Unfortunately, mistakes are common during the appeals process.

Mistakes include:

Not appealing the denial. Many people assume their appeal will not be successful and so they don’t go through the process. This is a mistake. The majority of initial applications are denied, and you could stand a good chance for success on appeal if you get the right legal help.

Waiting too long to appeal. If you miss the appeal deadline, you will lose the chance to appeal the denial unless you have good cause for not submitting your appeal on time. You don’t want to give up the chance to try to get the denial reversed.

Not getting legal help during the appeals process. You want to be able to obtain convincing evidence and put together solid arguments in an appeal in order to increase the chances that you can successfully obtain benefits.  An experienced attorney who knows the Social Security Disability benefits system can assist you in putting together the strongest claim.

As soon as you get a denial of your initial application, you should contact an Experienced Fairfax Virginia Social Security Disability Attorney so they can get right to work on appealing the denial of benefits and start helping you to get the benefits you deserve.

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