Virginia Social Security Disability Lawyer Reveals 7 Common Reasons Why Social Security Disability Benefits Are Denied

If you have been severely injured or are very ill, you may find it impossible to continue working. If you are in this position, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. SSDI can provide you the financial support you need to survive.

It’s important to note that just because you have a medical diagnosis of a disability, it does not mean that you are automatically entitled to benefits. You will have to file an application with the Social Security Administration to start the process.

It is estimated that about 80%of all SSDI applications are initially denied. If you are about to file your own application, you should understand why this happens, so that you have a better chance of having your claim approved.

Here at the top seven reasons claimants are denied, in no particular order:

  1. You are still earning a substantial amount of income. There is NO limit to the amount of assets, cash or resources you can own when applying for SSDI benefits.  However, your income from working is a red flag to the Social Security Administration, who may determine that you are not “technically” disabled because you are still capable of gainful activity to earn a living.  In 2017 if you are able to earn $1170 or more per month, Social Security will not consider you disabled. 
  2. Your disability is not severe enough. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will not grant SSDI to anyone that suffered an injury or has an illness that will keep them out of work for less than 12 months.  Even severe injuries or illnesses will not qualify for SSDI if the injured or ill person recovers or is expected to recover in less than one year.
  3. You mess up the easy stuff. Many applications are denied due to simple clerical errors, such as misspellings of an address on the application, forgetting to update contact information, or using an incorrect Social Security Number. Proofread your application and keep your contact information updated. If you are working with a Virginia Social Security Disability lawyer, make sure you remain in contact with them throughout the process to ensure you haven’t missed anything.
  4. You do not cooperate. If you are not under a doctor’s care or your doctor does not have complete records, the SSA may require you to have a medical examination called a consultative examination (CE). Refusing the examination or missing the appointment for the exam can be enough for the SSA to deny your application.
  5. You did not follow the doctor’s orders:  Not doing what your doctor tells you is harmful for your claim for SSDI benefits. You must take all prescribed medication, undergo all surgeries and see your Specialist frequently to have any chance of being approved for SSDI.
  6. You are addicted to drugs or alcohol. A person addicted to drugs or alcohol is frequently denied SSDI benefits. The SSA will only approve people whose drug or alcohol abuse are not “material” to their disability.
  7. You’ve been arrested. In certain circumstances, criminal convictions or imprisonment can cause a SSDI application to be denied. Any convictions for fraud, especially if it is related to your SSDI application, will disqualify you from any benefits.

If your Social Security Disability application is denied, you should have your case evaluated by an experienced Social Security Disability Law Firm.  Contact the Law Firm of Sheri R. Abrams at (571) 328-5795.

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